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How to Choose the Right Testers - Part 3

This third and final part of the series covers all the red flags we should be prepared to observe during the test-proper, and we'll close off by taking a look at some overarching housekeeping principles that will further help us to improve our results over time. Read more

How to Choose the Right Testers - Part 2

In the first article in this 3-part series, we spoke about why we need to evaluate potential testers, and how it's a process of exclusion rather than inclusion. In this second part we'll jump right into the tell-tale signs we should be looking for, grouping them into the different phases of the testing process. Read more

How to Choose the Right Testers - Part 1

To run regular pattern tests, we constantly need to be attracting testers. We also need to evaluate them so we can pick the right ones. In this first article of a 3-part series, I answer why and how, focusing on evaluation as a process of exclusion rather than inclusion. Read more

Multi-Coloured Yarn and Pattern Tests

I love multi-coloured yarn! Endless combinations of colourways and colouring techniques which make for some unique projects. Alas, in pattern tests they sometimes make it unnecessarily hard to track down problems. Here's why, and my recommendation for how to avoid this. Read more

Do I Need to Run Pattern Tests?

Many people see pattern testing as an essential, but optional, practice that happens after completing the design process. They're wrong. This article challenges that misconception and lays out when and why a designer should be testing their patterns. Read more

The Benefits of Having a Tester Pool

The primary benefit of having a tester pool is the retention of good testers. In this guidance we’ll understand why this is important, and how you can leverage a pool to your (and your testers’) advantage. We’ll also take a look at other important benefits of starting and maintaining your own tester pool. Read more

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