How to Run a Successful Pattern Test

Master the ins and outs of running a successful pattern test
Are you a new or aspiring pattern designer who's never run a pattern test before?
(or perhaps you're an established designer that's frustrated by ineffective tests?)
We'll teach you the best practices, point out all the pitfalls to avoid, and give you the tools
you need to make your pattern tests run smoothly.
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This workshop eliminates all the guesswork
and flattens the learning curve
Every lesson gets right to the point and comes with actionable steps to put the strategies to work right away.
We break things down in a way that anyone can instantly understand and apply, even if you've never run a pattern test before.
It's not just theory. We give you:
Step-by-step checklists
Decision processes
1-on-1 expert advice
and access to other Pattern Orchard Academy resources so you can be effective at running your tests without wasting unnecessary effort.
So, what exactly will you learn?
Every action-focused lesson or resource in this workshop fits inside one of 3 core pillars:

Test lifecycle

Master the Pattern Orchard Testing Method, which is influenced by first-hand experience and meticulously developed using qualitative and quantitative data from expert designers.

You'll learn:

  • How to prepare your patterns and designs for testing
  • How to issue a test call
  • How to find good testers and select the right ones
  • What to do in the run-up to the test period
  • What to expect once testing starts and what to do during the crucial first few days
  • How to keep things running smoothly during the test
  • The step-by-step process of what to do when your testers identify a problem in your pattern
  • How to properly conclude the test period and gather tester feedback
  • How to analyse the end-of-test feedback and make adjustments to your pattern

Tester management

Effective designers keep a list of testers they've interacted with. Its primary benefit is the retention of good testers, but it's more than just a list of favourite testers.

You'll understand:

  • The different types of tester pools and why you should have one
  • Pro-tips on how to curate your tester pool and replenish it from time to time
  • How to keep track of frequent collaborators and known testers
  • The best ways to rate your testers and record historical performance
  • How to best evaluate new testers/applicants
  • The exact step-by-step process for choosing the right testers using Karl Popper's falsifiability principle


We'll look in more detail at the communication that happens at various stages of the test process.

You'll discover:

  • All the notices, calls, reminders, messages and other instances of communication you need to know about
  • When you need to communicate with your testers and applicants
  • What information and important details you need to provide
  • How to automate standard communications
  • How to process and keep track of responses
Here's what else is waiting for you inside the workshop

Plug-and-Play Templates

You get access to a library of processes, checklists and templates you can use to get results.
They'll keep you on track, so you can be sure you know EXACTLY what needs to be done to complete any task!
These done-for-you resources will take out all the guesswork.
We're talking about resources like:
  • Follow-along test lifecycle guide based on the Pattern Orchard Testing Method
  • Templates for all communications: test call, test applicant acceptance/rejection, test start/end, milestone reminders, feedback submission, pattern updates, etc…
  • Our tester evaluation playbook to find quality testers
  • Checklist for processing end-of-test feedback
  • Checklist for updating and versioning your pattern during and after the test
  • The playbook for post-test tester reviews and ratings
  • Our proven process for regularly refreshing, maintaining and curating your tester pool
…and more!


Continuous support and resources after the workshop ends

  • Access to our entire Test Management System, so you can track, organise and manage all of your tests and testers
  • Access to deep-dive articles which navigate the various aspects of pattern testing and identify best practices. All are backed by qualitative and quantitative data we are constantly gathering as part of our work here at Pattern Orchard.
  • Expert support within 48 hours. If you're facing the problem, we've seen it before.

Workshop format

Duration: 5 weeks

The workshop material is split into 5 units.
Each unit will have a combination of video lessons, reading material, practical resources and some simple exercises for you to complete.

To guide your progress, we'll unlock a new unit at the start of every week. You can then consume its material at your own pace.

You'll also be assigned a personal expert to answer any questions you may have so you can get help whenever you need it.

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